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Insight Timer

So simple yet so lovely. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s mostly free, but I do really like Insight Timer. It’s great for those who have tried meditation for a while and like to plan their own, or those who know what kind of theme they want or need at that moment.
You can select how much time you have and get given a random selection to choose from or select a theme and go for one that suits your goal and intention for the day. At it’s most basic level, you can select bells for a timed silent meditation with intervals - ideal if you already know what you’d like to meditate on, or if you’re using it for clients or a group of people.

Best for: Slightly more confident meditators, or those that are clear on what they want to achieve out of their meditation.

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Headspace was one of the first apps I tried, and based on it’s widely received status I was expecting magic! And whilst it isn’t my taste, it is great for absolute beginners. The narrators voice is lovely and calming (although reminded me of my brothers voice, which might be a major reason why I was slightly put off…), and is very straight forward. There is a variety of packages you can buy (if on the free version), all with different focuses. The thing I found difficult about this, is there wasn’t a lot of scope to ignite feelings and emotions through meditation, the focus (I believe) is centered more around simply calming the mind. The videos they provide are a wonderful way to explore how our brain works, however it’s a little overly simplistic for me to use again.

Best for: Absolute beginners with a goal of calming down the mind. Lots of options when it comes to duration of meditations, so fabulous if you’re super busy and only have 5 minutes.

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With all honesty, this is an AMAZING app… but only when you pay for it. The free options are a nice taster to see whether you like the style of meditation and the usability of the app, but not much more. The app offers gorgeous background noises which are great for keeping focus and productivity high, and their ‘Breathe Bubble’ is delightful for those high-stress moments (if you’re visual and you want more than just mental counting). If you’re willing to pay then you’re in for a treat. The packages they have are gorgeously themed and easy to follow and allow you to tap into more than just calming the mind.

Best for: Those that enjoy a themed meditation (e.g. meditation for work, for mindful eating, relationship with self), and need structure to stay motivated.

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Yoga Glo

I use yogaglo daily, because I love how clear it is. Think YouTube yoga but with FAR more structure and clarity. There are meditations and yoga to choose from which makes it a good all rounder. You can also choose programs to try out if you like a bit of structure. The only downside I find about this is you don’t really get access to the teachers so it feels a bit impersonal, that and whilst there are PLENTY of teachers to choose from, I tend to only ever choose from 3.

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Yoga + Meditation Course

Classes and meditations ranging from 5-20 minutes so we can fit them into any point of our day, all themed to ignite something within us to keep us motivated, in-balance and always switched-on. Each class is created in unison for a seamless experience - pair the meditations with yoga for your specific day. Monday crazy busy and got you feeling stressed? Try the de-stress and relax classes. Needing a confidence boost? Try the confidence classes. Tight shoulders or hips? Head to the specific meditations and yoga to feel calm, stress free and amazing in less than 30 minutes. You choose how long you'd like to practice for and you choose what you want to focus on.

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